RT as the DJ

Hello Katy! I've read on the fan forums that Roger guest DJ'ed at Le Baron in Tokyo and at Body English at HRC Vegas. What are the songs he played? Read that New Order's "Blue Monday" was one of them, but not much else...Would love to know...Thanks heaps! Best regards, Scho

"Heres a general honed down tracklisting from Tokyo/Vegas
RT x"

Forget the Past- Sonic L
Mr. Brightside- The Killers (unknown white label
I have The Funk - Audio Jacker
Phantom Part 2 - Justice
Ice Cream - New Young Pony Club (Van She Tech Re-Mix)
Around The World -Daft Punk
Notorious/Sexy Back mash up
Burning The Ground/Skin Divers/Wild Boys mash up
U and I - Sean Biddle
Arabian Night - Olav Basoki
Unfinished Sympathy/Tipsy mash up
Voodoo Chile -Jimi Hendrix
Drop The Pressure - Mylo
Thriller - STFU re-mix
That Piano Song- Homtik