Ask Katy

I was recently at a web page for Roger Taylor and was delighted to find some very early Arcadia pictures that I have never seen before (before you guys decided to go all black). It seems that new pics are surfacing all the time of Duran and other projects you guys have been involved in.

So as the band's resident shutter bug, do you have any idea how many photo's exist of the band? If so, where do you keep them all? Have you ever considered publishing them in a book format?

In my estimation DD has to be one of the most photographed bands in history. Anxiously awaiting new material. John

"According to Nick, there are some extraordinary Arcadia pictures which have never been published. Having looked through them fairly recently, he had threatened a fascinating book in this 21st year anniversary. The collection was shot by Dean Chamberlain who also took all the photographs in the album package. Nick, Simon & Roger do hope to make this a reality some day. As for Duran Duran, they have no idea how many photos there are ...far too many...I will start counting now. KK"