Last Synth Question on RIO (ever?)

Ask Katy

Editor's Note - It's becoming harder and harder to keep up with how many different ways and times Nick has been asked about synths on the RIO album, so for the time being, this will be the last question about it.

Hi Katy. I have always been fascinated with the sound of the RIO album and my question is a two parter: First: Which synthesizers are being used to make those amazing sounds, and secondly: Many bands are offering online multi-tracked versions of their songs for fans to remix and re-submit these days...Is there any possibility of ever hearing or obtaining some of the individual tracks that made up the magic that is the Rio album? Thanks! Mark

"The Synthesizers used on that track were a Roland Jupiter 8, Roland Jupiter 4, Crumar Performer & some metal objects thrown on to piano strings. There are currently no plans to make individual tracks from masters available so that people can make their own mixes. However, I personally find the idea quite appealing and am looking in to technology so that you can use effects on the mixes too - maybe sometime in the future. NR"