Where to Stand

Dear Katy, First of all, as always, thank you for all the work you do. It can't be easy filtering through goofy questions like mine. But if mine happens to win the day and make it to the boys, I'd like to ask them this: I was watching some of the earlier videos this evening and noticed something I'd never really thought about. In Planet Earth, Careless Memories, My Own Way, and possibly others, Nick and Roger were set up opposite from where we're used to seeing them. Looking at the stage, Nick's on the left and Roger's on the right. Was this the original setup going back to the Rum Runner? Was there anything that caused them to change positions (e.g. - was it better for the Drummer to be closer to the Bassist)? I've never seen John and Andy in different positions - was this always the case? Like all of their intrepid fans, I must know EVERYTHING about the band!! Love and life to all, Rob

Hmmm....well..a video set up would have been planned by the director, who they assume preferred the aesthetic of the particular positioning you are referring to. However, as far as any of the band can remember, their actual live performances have pretty much stayed the same as it is now. There are certain practicalities which have to be considered - John and Roger need to be close together so that they have good eye contact and can lock in the rhythm. Guitar has to be further away from Simon and in front of Nick so that they do not get sound intereference in the monitors from the guitar speaker cabinets. The band thinks it would look a bit strange if Simon was any where but in the center, but there�s an idea....Katy�