A Question for Me!

Dear Katy – I often read either directly or on the website that the band chose the questions not you. If that’s the case, can you give us a clue as to how they chose them? And what type of question is more apt to be answered? And what’s up with your book?? Thanks for all your hard work! Miley

Wow, I love this question!

Well the first thing I can tell you is that since Ask Katy has been around for 10 years now, a lot of questions have been asked and answered before. No one seems to want to bother to check the Search feature, which I understand, but that could be why there is no response. Also, when there is no direct response, to keep forwarding the same email doesn’t help.

There is no real rhyme or reason as to what they will answer, though Nick will reply to silly questions more often than Simon, Roger or John. Very long and involved questions usually don’t make the cut, nor do emails with multiple questions (we once got one numbered 1-20).

Other questions that tend to not get a response: how to help/encourage your child to start playing a specific instrument (they’ve answered it already), a question that's a matter of personal taste such as whether your child is old enough to attend a concert, what kind of tattoo you should get or how to keep your marriage alive, and very specific musical questions with regard to YOUR musical instrument (because they feel that only appeals to the ONE person asking it). Another one that usually doesn’t get a response is places/restaurants to visit in a certain town/country. I’ve also noticed that once they answer something under a specific topic - for instance how Roger got over his shyness - they are inundated with questions about that, which strikes me as odd because they’ve only just answered it. Oh, and requests for photos of their children also get an immediate deletion.

And as for my book, we are shooting for the summer, fingers crossed!

Hope I helped answer some of your queries and good luck with the next question you ask,