Well…that's our Simon!

Ask Katy

Hello Simon......I saw a recent clip of you playing the guitar in the studio for RCM and was wondering how long have you played guitar? Over the years, we have seen you pick up the guitar and play some chords such as in the live video for Save A Prayer. Have you always wanted to play the guitar growing up? Which guitar players do you consider influences?

Can't wait to hear RCM and see you guys in Cleveland. Take care. Mike V.

"Before we go any further I would like to make it clear that the acceptable names when referring to this album are as follows:

Red Carpet Massacre
red carpet massacre
rEd CaRpEt MaSsAcre
etcetera ... I think you get the idea, yes?

What is not acceptable is:

etcetera ...

Basically Mike V., if you can't be bothered to type out my album title in full - I can't be bothered to answer yer bloomin' question.
s" **

** editor's note - this is simon being simon and we hope no one takes him seriously!