Tom Brown's Schooldays

Hi Simon, I recently got a 33" vinyl produced by Decca Records in 1972 called "Tom Brown's Schooldays, original London cast recording". I did remember you were in the cast in fact you are mentioned in the back cover under the "Other Boys of Rugby", which i assume was a choir. So, the question is, can you still rember in which of the 9 songs included in the soundtrack you actually performed as part of a choir? There are 3 songs credited to "The Boys of Rugby School" and no mention to the "Other Boys of Rugby."

The songs are:

- Head Up/In The Swim
- Have A Try
- A Boy's Point Of View

Can you please clarify if you actually did some recordings for any of these songs (even if only in the choir) or if your name is there only because you were part of the acting cast? It would be nice also to hear some of your memories of the whole theatre acting experience. Thank you so much! take care. Salvo in Italy

"Dear Salvo, I was a performing member of the cast in T.B.'sS.days on stage at London's Cambridge Theatre for 60 days - that was the limit for a child aged 13 years old. Towards the end of that run the entire cast spent the day at Decca Recording Studio somewhere near Charlton Athletic F.C.'s home ground - "The Valley". We made the record which you've just obtained. I actually have a solo line on the song "In The Swim" which is "swing the right kind of bat".

It was a wonderful time of my life, a great experience of
independence which gave me a bucketload of confidence.
whooosh, s"