This is a question that I forgot to ask Roger when I sent a previous question. Roger, it seems like you are getting alot
of wonderful compliments from fans about your come back
especially from female fans. How do you not let all this get to your head? From reading alot of your entries on duranduran.com and seeing your interviews, it seems like you are a pretty level headed person and you genuinely care about your fans, which I think is great. For that reason and of course your incredible drum playing, you have always been my favorite for over 20 years. Do you read any books to help you deal with your celebrity status or do you believe in a higher power, religious? Keep up the good work and God bless! Looking forward to your next performance in Chicago. Liza

"Thank you Liza. One of my main philosophies in life is that everyone in the world is born equal and, to me, we all remain as equals. I try to treat the guy that picks up my rubbish in the same way that I would treat a member of the royal family or a major politician. So there you go... Boosh! Roger"