More on The Devils

Hi Nick, I have been listening to DARK CIRCLES and just love the CD. I was wondering if there are any bands that come to mind when you think of the music that influenced The Devils. Thanks

"At that time, we were just coming out of the punk period, and there were some new bands emerging, such as Talking Heads, but if anything, David Bowie & Iggy Pop - the albums they made together (particularly the IDIOT album) were major influences at that time. NR"

and Hello Katy, I have been recently revisiting the DD back catologue, as one does while waiting for the new CD, and I have rediscovered the magic that is The Devil's Dark Circles. It is a truely wonderful, dark and arty piece of work. Nick mentioned in the Devils EPK that there was some songs not used in this project, and could be used on another CD. Is there a chance this might happen once the new DD CD is completed?? Ellyn

"I always go through life thinking there will be a chance. It seems so much better than believing there is no chance...Although I am not sure when there will be another gap in the schedule to explore more work in Hades, my gondola awaits on the River Styx. NR"