Lines Under Eyes

Ask Katy

To all the band: My interest in Duran Duran stemmed from a crush on a girl in high school in 1984 who was a Duranie. Little did I know that I would wind up being a bigger Duranie, and more interested in the band than the girl. I never got the girl, by the way, but no regrets here. Thanks to all of you for sticking with it all these years.Nick: Prince's birthday is June 7th, and your birthday is June 8th. Being born on June 9th myself, I felt that I might be destined in turn to wear eyeliner through some phase of my life (after the hair highlighting fiascos of high school, anyway). Then, I discovered that Johnny Depp was also born on June 9th, and so Capt. Jack Sparrow has apparently stolen my thunder. Is it too late for me, and if not, do you have any recommendations for a nearly 40-something twice-married father of 3 teenage boys who hasn't given up the love of his favorite 80's band? All in fun, all in fun. 🙂 Mike Cagle(a lot of laughter) "Once you decide something is too late, it really IS too late to do anything about it, so I would recommend that you hurry down to your local make up emporium and make an investment in a black MAC eye liner. Hours of fun and great value. Even more exciting - the first time the neighbours catch a glimpse of you through the blinds...Nick"