Arcadia Demos

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, As EMI appear to not be forthcoming on a reissue of "So Dead The Nose" (as Max Headroom put it back in the day) I was wondering having read Duran's Notorious book about Arcadia's demos. According to the record company everyone was excited about the demos. My question to Nick then is were they greatly different from what appeared on the album and if so is there any chance of ever hearing them? Ooh and also the Dean Chamberlain vids were great - don't suppose they appear on DVD anywhere yet (another thing for the reissue for sure. Kelvoncé (geddit? - just kidding

“None of the demos would have been greatly different – just more sparse in that we wrote the tracks in the Studio, so they were constructed one layer at a time and any demos that would have been played to people early on would simply have been the bare bones of the songs. I would have to go back and listen to see if there is anything worthy of inclusion but there is certainly only two tracks that were recorded which did not make the album. One was “Say The Word” which was written for the movie “Playing for Keeps” and the other, an untitled instrumental which we never actually did a final mix of because at the time, there wasn’t enough space on the vinyl to make the album any longer. In fact, “Rose Arcana” was also greatly edited for the album due to the same reason. NR”