Video Changes

Hi guys. I love all your videos. Is there one video you did, that if you could go back and change, which one would it be and why? And if there was a song that you didn’t get the chance to make a video for, but would of loved too. Which one would that be and why?? Thank-you Taylor’s Mom

"Hi Taylor's Mum, The only part of of a video I would change is the end of 'Something I Should Know' where I am singing to the camera. I look very uncomfortable doing this and cringe every time I see it to this day. The end of 'New Moon on Monday' is pretty hilarious too, the part where we are all dancing in the street...oh and the end I won't go any further, I'll be here all day! I think 'Secret Oktober' would have made for a great video ..the lyrics are just so visual. RT"