The First Album – Car

Ask Katy

Hi Katy and Fellas, I was curious as to what kind of car was pictured on the cover of the early Duran Duran self-titled album. I've tuned in to the Barrett-Jackson Auction a number of times and love all the amazing cars. Do any of the guys own the car in the picture? Also, any plans for another instrumental?? Tel Aviv and Tiger Tiger are incredible! I'd love to hear another. Thanks guys and very glad to have you all back!! Michele from the U.S.

"The car? I have no idea. Johnny would know. NR"

"Ummm...I can't remember, John would know though. s"

"Ask John about the car...rt"

"I'm not sure about the car on the cover, I know it was my stupid idea! for some reason Delahaye is ringing a bell. Maybe do some research in that direction...As for instrumentals, it would be a shame to leave Simon out don't you think? I hate it when they leave the bass out! Maybe some wordless voice sounds he could make.. or he could play an instrument.. It hasn't been high on our song writing agenda so far, but who knows.. John"