Simon is Serious

Ask Katy

Hi Katy,  i'd like to ask Simon his opinion of Ferry's reworking of 'Serious'.  I've heard it played in some of the top trance clubs in the UK, on radio 1 and have also seen it played on mtv.  How do you feel simon, about a great song that didnt do so well comercially all those years ago, being played to a young audience, albeit in a remixed version and getting such a excellent response?  Also, doesn't it underline how important remix work is for bringing in a wider audience?  For me its great to be on a dance floor and throwing shapes out to such a great track!  i feel Ferry has paid great homage to duran on this one!!!! Richard, Leicester, UK

"I love this track, I was in Pacha this summer and it came on and the dance-floor went crazy ... yippee! s"