A Note from Ask Katy (Happening Again)

Ask Katy

It has come to my attention - from many "delivery failures" - that people who send questions from an AOL email address may not get the responses I send back. Because ASK KATY comes from a Hotmail account, AOL is often blocking the receipt of the email. We've called HOTMAIL, who say it is a problem on the AOL end, and that's likely true since there is no problem in receiving the emails, only in responding. Their advice was to have AOL members phone this complaint in. Unfortunately, there is no way to troubleshoot this on our end. This doesn't happen with every question sent from an AOL member but we can only surmise that HOTMAIL isn't interested in fixing what is wrong with AOL.

I wish there was a better solution - and if anyone has one (other than changing MY email account, which isn't an option) I am open to hearing it!