Impossible Task

Ask Katy

This is for anyone in the band, but I'm guessing the list-master Nick might be most inclined to answer (and it was inspired by his end-of-year top 10 lists, and I find it nearly impossible...but figured I'd ask the band):

You must create a 12 track Duran Duran CD for a time capsule. The rules are: The CD can only have 1 song from any given Duran studio album; all 10 original studio albums must be represented; the 11th track must be from the pool of Duran b-sides and/or stand-alone singles; and a 12th track is allowed for anything from the catologue, including remixes. Given these parameters...what would the 12 songs be? Chris, Wallingford, CT

Well Chris, it took some time to get back to you. So long in fact that ASTRONAUT came out after you asked your question!

"To answer your very clever question:

Girls on Film
The Chauffeur
The Union of the Snake
Skin Trade
All She Wants Is
My Antarctica
Ordinary World
Perfect Day
Hallucinating Elvis
(Reach Up for the) Sunrise
Secret Oktober
A View to a Kill

Sorry, had to think about this one for while....Nick Rhodes, September 27, 2006."