Andy Hamilton's Gear

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, Can I get some info on Andy Hamilton’s sax setup/equipment plus any playing/practice tips he has for those of us wanting to follow in his footsteps, we'd be very grateful! Many thanks. Best Wishes, Kim

”Dear Kim, You're obviously a sax wanted to know about my 'equipment' well here goes!

I have a Selmer Mk6 soprano ,a Yanigasawa curved soprano (which I use a lot) a Conn curved soprano & a Lyon & Healy curved soprano.I use an Otto Link 8* on soprano. I have a Selmer Mk6 alto which is great...a Conn Chu Berry alto (also great) a Yamaha 62 & 2 grafton plastic altos which I love but which are a little delicate.I use an SRS technologies see through alto mouthpiece which is the biz! I have a Guardala King mouthpiece which I use if I want to annoy people. On tenor I have a couple of Selmer Mk 6 ..both of which I use is '63 one is '67 ...they're both great...I also have a Conn Chu Berry which needs an overhaul. I mainly use a Lawton 8* but I have loads of tenor mouthpieces ...including a Guardala for overpowering everyone ...but which I rarely use. I love the rubber Link 8* which I play at home. I have a Yanigasawa baritone & Lawton 8* which is fine and a Conn Chu Berry bass sax which takes a year to clean 'cos it's silver plate.I've just bought a new mouthpiece for that ....I'm the only person excited about it. As far as practice goes....Sigmund Rascher's '156 exercises for saxophone' should keep you busy for a couple of years.I play something from it every day.Reeds? La Voz or Hemke .... I get Duran Duran to buy them then I don't get too upset about how many I throw away. Regards ANDY HAMILTON”