Know it All

Hi, Katy. Hi, guys. First, congrats on all the publicity and recognition. I'm hearing you guys just about every time I watch tv; it's fantastic. I must say, I quite like "Astronaut". It's an album I can't stop talking about to anyone. However, I absolutely adore "Know It All". It's - to quote a friend - "sheer joyous electronica" and sounds like a different side
of you guys than what's on the album. So, my question is... how did "Know It All" come about? And, is it Nick's mini Korg Vocoder giving Simon's vocal effects or something else? Thanks - Ash

"Ash, We have always tried to do new tracks for B Sides & Bonus this time, I gave John and Roger some sequences that I had prepared earlier & then they recorded bass and drums on top of the sequence. Andy then layered some guitars and I went back in and organized the chaos, adding some keyboards. We dragged Simon in for a few hours & he sung some ideas on the track. Finally, I returned to cut everything up & make a collage out of everything we had all contribued to the song. In a way, it was done very differently to most of the other songs on ASTRONAUT since we all worked individually & pieced it together at the end. The vicoder was actually done with a computer program.NR"