JT's Technology

Hi, I had the opportunity to see the band in Vegas last week. They rocked!! It was worth every dime.

I do have a question for John. How do you feel technology has changed the music world, and how do you keep up with the changes? I noticed that Nick uses a computer on his keyboards. Is there any new technology that you incorporate within your work? Thanks! Kris

"Kris- Not really. The rig I am using is really not so different from what I had out in '84. Four strings on the bass (except for when I use the Five string), very well built state of the art electronics on those Peavey guitars- very happy with them- the Peavey backline, again, state of the art- but nothing 'sci-fi' about it; pedal board, just a box that links to half a dozen stomp boxes housed in my amp rack located behind the speaker cabinets.

That Vaseline though, I wish I had that back in '84, I could have avoided all those blisters!!
Thanks for your interest, JT "