small keyboard

This is one for Nick - I was at the Wembley gig last night - only one word for it - UNBELIEVABLE - It was my 3rd DD gig in 22 years and definitely the best .... yet!! please tour again soon! Anyway my question relates to last nights gig - I saw you using a small keyboard which was kept on the floor until you needed it - why don't you have this on a stand - wouldn't that be easier? - sorry if this is a daft question - not to au fait with the ins and outs - but many people might be wondering the same thing...
Sarah (Fareham, nr Portsmouth, UK) PS: you're still as cute as ever!

"Well, actually the mini keyboard I use on several songs is purely for vocal effects and whilst it was once mounted on a stand, it was actually getting in my way so hence, I decided to place it on the floor and pick it up when I needed to use it! NR"