jt self taught?

Hi John! I'm a 35 year old bass player that started playing the bass because of you. I spent countless hours in my room trying to figure out the licks to songs like New Religion and Late Bar. By listening to them and then figuring the bass lines out I became a very funky bassist! My question to you is how did you learn all the snapping and popping you used so much on your earlier bass lines? I know you emulated bands like Chic... are you more or less self-taught? Thanks for all the cool bass lines!! Bob

"More or less! Actually, I'm entirely self taught. I don't think I ever had any sort of tuition for bass. I remember once joining a class for double bass at UCLA in Los Angeles, but couldn't deal with carrying the darn thing.

Bass is a pretty fundamental instrument. It's not like the guitar or piano where there are so many inversions and possiblities. It's possible to be a good bass player just through instinct alone. It's a much a mind set as anything. Holding down the bottom while other instrumentalists show off!

I've found on this recent tour that the most important sound for me in the mix is the snare drum. It's the clock that always brings me back to the here and now. I'm learning all the time, and I'm not afraid to ask. I'm always asking Andy, can I play F while you play that D chord? (or whatever).. Fortunately my instincts are pretty good, I find I can trust them usually. I'm sure you will find you can do the same.
JT "