new religon

Ask Katy

For most fans, "New Religion" is definately one of the all time greatest DD songs. Everyone's contribution (vocals, drums, guitars, and keyboards)is excellant. Even so, John provides the heart and soul of the song with his bass. My request is for John: Could you give a little background on how this classic came into being and do you have any significant memories regarding the song? Hope it is still on the 2004
setlist! Thanks. Lamar

"Hi Lamar I'm afraid I have no specific memories of writing it- other than us wanting to combine something lean and groovy with something Pink Floyd-y progressive. It's a great song to play live, and we always enjoy it. It takes the show to another level when we do it, I think, it seems to move us away from being only a singles band. Hopefully it will be staying in the show for the UK tour. John"