multi lingual lebon….

Simon, How many different languages can you speak?  I'm listening to the DD show from Fukuoka, Japan from last summer and you speak to the crowd in Japanese.  When touring different countries, do you make an effort to learn the language or at least some so you can speak to the audience?  What has been the most difficult language for you to learn? I really enjoyed the shows this past fall in Cleveland and Detroit.  Please come back to Ohio next summer!!!  Good luck on the European tour coming up. Best regards, Mike Vettel Akron, OH

"Dear Mike, over the years I've managed to identify guys who do Simon Le Bon impressions in their own language in many of the various countries in which we perform and what I do, that's not actually true. OK in some languages in which I have a smattering of knowledge i.e. French & Spanish I  can stand onstage and talk (although I'm the only one who seems to know what I'm talking about). Otherwise it's hours spent with a piece of paper and someone local, learning to say things phonetically. Probably my most ambitious attempt was in Moscow some years back, when speaking in pidgin Russian I nearly managed to cause hostilities to open and restart the cold war. whoosh s"