it was 20 years ago today…(sort of)

This question is for anyone in the band...This week marks the 20th anniversary of Duran Duran's fantastic shows at Madison Square Garden in New York. I was in attendance at the March 21, 1984 show that was broadcast over the radio (and later turned into a bootleg, which I must confess to owning). Listening to the show today, it's still obvious how much fun the band was having, and how much better they were live than they were ever given crecit for. Was that show a high watermark for the band as a measure of their success in America? Apart from the completely unknown hip-hop opening act - Prince Charles (my memory of everything
about that night remains), what are your recollections from that night? Would playing Madison Square Garden again be a goal for the band today?Thanks, Crispin

"I think Madison Square Garden is a landmark venue for ANY act. Certainly for Duran Duran it holds great memories and we look forward to our return -and we're glad you enjoyed the show. Nick - p.s - I believe the opening act was Prince Charles and the City Beat Band"