Andy's favorite guitars

I wanted to know which are Andy ’s favourite guitars. He seems to use telecasters at the live shows. Are these used on the albums as well or does it depend on the song? Also the forum gig was fantastic! Can’t wait for the UK tour! Thanks, Judith 

“Well...About 8-years ago I tried a Fender Telecaster 50th anniversary issue from Fender, the black one I currently use. And just found it a revelation, and a corner to turn from a playing point of view.

So when I had to reinvent the entire Duran repertoire I felt that rather than have endless amounts of guitar changes, to simulate years of recordings (some of which weren't me) I wanted to get a whole new, yet still relevant to the material, sound...So I started with the black Tele and it just stuck.

So I carry a gold top Les Paul my old Yamaha SG90 & a few other bits from time to time, but the main guitars are the Black Telecasters...AT”