ATLGD v ARENA part 2

Ask Katy

I know you get hammered with hundreds(thousands?) of questions from the lot of us, and I've always lurked and enjoyed your responses. You are truly the definitive woman for DD! Recently, you mentioned As The Lights Go Down and Arena. It's my understanding that Russell Mulcahy recorded As The Lights Go Down specifically and then went artistically bonkers and made the long form video that is Arena. While Arena is a beautiful work in its own right, As The Lights Go Down is as close to a real full length classic 1984 concert as we're ever likely to see. Aren't the children at the beginning unique to As The Lights? I could be wrong as to which came
first, the concert film or the long form concept version, but I thought that's how it went. It would be STUNNING to have Russell do a commentary for the both of them. He did some beautiful work for guys.

Having seen the show in Hampton, VA, March, 1984, I have to beg that the band include As The Lights Go Down as a bonus on the Arena DVD, when/if it gets made. It really does stand in its own right as a more complete document of each song from the show (of the ones that made it into the show). I can remember watching this special during its US premiere on Cinemax, and again, the following Labor Day, when MTV aired it. Thanks for all you do. And I hope you will pass along the suggestion. Muchly your fan, Adam

ADAM REPRESENTS THE VIEWS OF MANY OF YOU WHO TOOK THE TIME TO WRITE IN ABOUT THIS. I CONTACTED EMI WHO SAID: "We are trying to track down the master for this show. It won't come out with Arena, but may do at some other stage with an hour long show from the Hammersmith Odeon in '81!"