any more producing?

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, Question for Nick: I've heard that you have worked wonders for the latest Dandy Warhols album, so congratulations on that. Is there any
particular group or artist that you'd like to produce for next? there is an American group called The Faint, and their music is inspired by Duran Duran, The Cure etc, i reckon if you produced for those guys the results would be excellent.Welcome back guys, you make me proud to be a brummie.Kirk Harrison, birmingham UK

"Dear Kirk, the Dandy Warhol's album has actually turned out rather well. They had great songs so that made it easier for me to visualise what needed to be done. Whilst I am looking forward to producing some other acts, time is my enemy. I have actually worked on several tracks for two new acts, Riviera and She Said Yeah. I have heard The Faint, and am sure they know where to find me...I am always open for something inspiring. NR"