"Already Gone"

Ask Katy

Hi Simon, just yesterday I found a song of yours in the internet named "Already gone". I have never heard that song before so could you please reveal some information on it for me? When was it written/recorded and for what occasion (e.g. a movie soundtrack?)? Maybe there is something else that you could tell your fans about that song? Btw., I like it very much, just like the new Duran material and I am looking forward to seeing you live in London in April! Best regards and thanks a lot in advance, Susie from Munich/Germany

Hi Susie - Many people have written about this recently and I guess I would have to hear it to be able to comment. I am fairly certain I know where ALREADY GONE is from, Simon recorded it with Nick Wood from SYN Producing and it isn't a DD song. As we all know, Simon won't ever comment on what spurred him to write a song but if it's what I am thinking of, it was written in 1997/98 and recorded in New York City.