ad lib

Dear Katy, My question is for Simon. In My Own Way. The version on Rio. You start talking at the end of the song? Me and My sister have been trying to figure out what you're saying but we have no clue. We always fight on one part where she thinks you say "mmm...messy just how I like it"? I have not clue! Could you please help us out? Thanks! Cathleen

" Y'know, I really can't remember what I was going on about at the end of that song. Usually when I did ad-libs, I did  just that — ad-lib! I'd say whatever came into my head. And sometimes, the ad-lib track would be a composite of more than one run, so it's possible that we'd end up with some completely unrelated stuff which seemed OK in the '80s. Trouble is, that's pretty much how we do it  still. Never mind 'train of thought' I'm talking about 'streams of subconciousness'! s"