tour songs?

Ask Katy

With the up and coming tour, have you and the rest of DD decided on the ratio between how much new Duran will be played in combination with the old Duran? I mean you guys have so many hits, what is the process of choosing what you are going to play? Will it mostly be the new and some old, or are there so many older songs the fans want to hear that it will be more 50/50? I think the anticipation of what song is going to be played next is a major element in the appeal of a live show. At any rate, I can't wait for the album, and the tour and I will travel across the world if I have to, to see the show! Good Luck! - Suzette

"Well, we don't have a specific ratio figured out, but I would think it's gotta be more old songs than 50% - there are just too many of them that have to be played, plus a couple of obscure less obvious ones (my favourite being 'Shadows On Your Side). It sure will be fun to work it all out though. JT"