roger practises

Ask Katy

Roger, I could ask you questions until I'm blue in the face, but I've narrowed it down to just a few. I hope you can answer a couple of them. How frequently did you find yourself playing your drums during your non-duran years? Did you (or do you) follow a practice schedule, or just whenever the spirit moves you? What's your favorite way to practice? Along with music on headphones, or just playing with a click track and improvising? And lastly, do you find that your style has changed over the years? I loved the way you played back in the 80's, with all the intricate/detailed hi-hat patterns, a rock solid kick drum, and no lack of smack on the snare drum. I'm sure that I'll love whatever you'redoing these days, and I'm thrilled that you're back.Thanks. -Scott

"Hi Scott - yes I always continued to practise regularly during my non-Duran days not because I forced myself but because I always love to play - my main form of practise has aways been to play along to music on headphones - much more inspiring!... I think my main change in style has been to play less in my hi-hat paterns and more ride cymbal.....Boosh!! Roger"