the football fans

Hi Katy, I know Simon is a big Manchester United fan so and I know he was at a game recenttly against Blackburn. What I would like to ask Simon is How many games a season does he get to watch?
What is his favourite all time game? And finally
Which teams do the other guys support? Steve Thompson, Manchester U.K.

"last season I got to see 4 matches at Old Trafford (3 premiership and 1 FA cup). I saw 2 away matches and went to Madrid for the 1/4 final 1st leg. My all time favorite game is MUFC v Arsenal, FA CUP semi-final 1999. The other guys...well JT kind of follows United, Andy is definitely in the Toon army, Roger doesn't seem to care much and Nick supports a Milanese team known as the Dolce Gabannas. s"