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Hi katy- Quick question for Andy-- Generally as fans we assume that a particular artist seeks out and enjoys other musical artists based on the instrument they play, so my question is: Do you like any heavy metal or hard guitar rock groups such as PANTERA; METALLICA; PAPA ROACH; etc. If so, any favorites? Also, as far as the guitar work goes, what is your opinion of punk rock (especially newer groups such as DISTILLER and A.F.I.)? Thanks so much, JEREMY HARDY

"I once saw Panterra in santa monica, I was with Robert Palmer, who was wearing a suit at this gig, he loved them, I preferred Metallica then, these days I prefer Queens of the stoneage, Foo Fighters, & Ive always liked Korn, if DD were a metal band I think we would have sounded like Korn.

I was 16 when punk became the thing in 1977 so it's all a bit fake & retro to me know musically, the last great punk was Kurt Cobain, not so much about how you look but more where you came from, white trash basically, certainly not middle class, spoon fed, educated kids...That was the whole point, the UK was on it's arse in the mid-late seventies and the punk movement was a product of the poverty & unemployment many of my generation had to suffer, basically because our society was ridden with socialist doctrine verging on communism, communist sponsored trade unions ate all, and kids were just very pissed of at the

We had massive amounts strikes & unemployment, no electricity, 3 day working weeks, no garbage collections, rats on the streets, rabid terrorism because of the treatment the British government netted out to the N. Ireland catholics, the core industries were getting wrecked, coal, steel, shipbuilding all falling desolate to the emerging eastern economies and then along came Rotten & co. and said f*ck the royal family and this over privileged class ridden rule & literally committed what some regarded as treason.

Did it change a thing, well in terms of the subservience the british public had become accustomed to suffering by virtue of social & economic background, yes that has changed, but at the top, the people that were getting the country to strike are running it now, however recently we have had several of the largest public demonstrations this country has ever seen, so the fathers of punk are still alive, but musically I fear it has had it's moment. AT"