studio 54

Ask Katy

These two questions are for Nick.  I just heard "Studio 54" by Blondie......Wow!It's amazing. I actually got a bootleg copy of her unreleased album that alsocontains "Pop Trash Movie."  My question is, since you guys decided to take on"Pop Trash Movie" for yourselves, is there a chance you'll redo "Studio 54"?That song is just amazing and I hate the thought of it sitting there collectingdust. I think Simon would sound great on that track. Second, I know you wroteand produced those two songs with Warren, but did you actually play instrumentsfor the actual recording? I can't help but hear signature Warren guitar riffs inthere.Thanks...GQSioux

"I won't even ASK where you got those tracks from! At the time, I was a little disappointed that the tracks did not get released, but unfortunately they got tied up in hideous music business politics. However, I was very happy to be small part of Blondie's re-launch because I am a huge fan and they truly are one of the most under-rated acts on the last 30 years. I am glad we were able to record "Pop Trash Movie" - not sure if we will ever get round to "Studio 54" though perhaps we will find another artist to perform and record it one day. On the Blondie version you have FOUND, the instrumentation is a hybrid of Warren and I and Blondie. Several parts from "PopTrash Movie" actually survived from our original demo and ended up on the final Duran Duran version.NR"