stephen sprouse

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, this question is for all the guys: How is born the collaboration with Stephen Sprouse for the cover of "Decade". And when the next collaboration with him?Thanks and let's go for the new album!!!!Fabrizio

THE GUYS SAY: "It seems we have known Stephen forever and ever (at least since the early 1980s) and we have always been a great admirer of his work, both in clothing and art. Stephen worked with us on the BIG THING tour, where he designed the stagewear for us. It was after this collaboration that we decided he would be the perfect person to design the DECADE package. He later created the paintings of Speaker Cabinets and Amps which we hung from chains on the set for our MTV Unplugged set. More recently you may be aware of his collaboration with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, where he designed the grafitti luggage line. While we currently have no plans to work with Stephen again at the moment, we would be thrilled to work with him at any time because he is a true one off."