spanish sessions

Hi Katy, could you pass this along to Andy please? Welcome back Andy, you have certainly been missed. I have a question about The Spanish Sessions. I simply adore the CD, but I can't imagine that you and Luke only recorded 4 songs as you were originally planning to do a whole follow-up album together. Are there any more tracks sitting on a shelf somewhere that we might someday get to hear (between Duran albums of course)? Waiting impatiently to see our "Live Wire" on stage again.....-Lisa

"In Spain, apart from the luxuriously long sunny hours, you can find a lot of inspiration for writing music. I recorded well over 30-songs with various people throughout that period, not because I wanted to release them commercially and deal with the so-called "music business", but simply because creating music is what I do and sometimes it’s okay to do it purely for your own pleasure, which is actually the initial reason you start playing an instrument.

Having said that, someone did decide to release a limited edition 4-track sampler, and I’m glad people liked it. There are many more recordings lying around like that. I’ve never thought about packaging them up to sell them - but perhaps I will make the rest available as free downloads. Andy T"