andy's gear

Katy, wanted to ask Andy Taylor a question. Welcome back Andy, my question is in regards to your gear. What have you been using in the studio during these last Duran sessions in terms of Guitars, AMps, effects, etc. Also, what do you thing you will use on tour and what's your favorite axe. Thx for the great playing over the years and infusing balls to the Duran lineup!

" Fender Telecaster

Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

The Coffin

Fender Mustang

Gibson 160e

Various Marshall Amps & cabs

Vox AC30

Fender Twin

Line 6 Digital Amps & Processors

TL Audio Valve Compressors & Eq's

Drawmer Stereo Gates

In line Analogue, Digital & Pro Tools efx

Various Mic's & DI boxes & mainly Neve Channel paths

Andy T"