The other night I was watching a tape of the bands appearance on the Arsenio Hall show from 1989. They performed an incredible, reworked version of "Girls on Film". Simons vocals electric. At the time I was hoping it would be released as a single, possibly on Decade. My question is, although Duran Durans greatest interest is in moving forward and developing new material, are they ever tempted to go back and rework any of their tunes, as did Eric Clapton with Layla, and if so which ones? I can't wait to hear the new album, and maybe another Bond theme.  Lenny in New Orleans.  

"We have often re-worked old songs for the live shows, so there are many different versions of songs that exist on tape in the "vaults," but we have rarely released a re-working. In fact other than the acoustic version of "The Chauffeur," and using part of that same song for the track "Drive By" off of "THANK YOU, we haven't done it.  There is another song though, called "Burning the Ground," which we made around the time of DECADE, which utilizes samples from several of the singles. But again, that isn't a true re-working in my opinion. Maybe we will have to try it again on this upcoming tour.  NR"