mini sleeve editions

Dear Katy, The other day while on the Virgin records site I noticed that there are a couple of Duran album releases out on the 30th June2003. It states that these are mini sleeve editions of the albums Duran Duran and 7 and the Ragged Tiger.
A few questions then;

1) Could you confirm the releases.

2) I would like to know whether they'll be re mastered editions like the Rio release a couple of years back.

3) Is there going to be an official press release.

Thanks, Anthony

FROM EMI: "As for the remasters we are working towards a June 30th release date but much depends on band approval. There will be an official press release when details are firmer. The albums will be remastered and initially be in limited edition minisleeves but will not be enhanced with videos as we want to save them for the potential Greatest DVD later in the year."