duran and hip-hop

Dear Katy, I have been listening to Duran Duran for 13 years now. They have got some of the tightest beats and lyrics, and are a band that can do a wide range of music styles; which takes a lot of talent. One of the tightest songs they re-did was "White Lines". I was just wondering if they ever planned on doing another hip-hop project like that again in the future. As an African American, that would be excellent to see... and also, they've done bilingual, hip hop, and jazzy songs etc...how do they keep there music so diverse? -Schavon

"Well we have all got very broad musical taste and always remain open minded about collaborations with other artists we admire. When we recorded "White Lines" with Melle Mel , grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, it was very special for us because they really are true innovators. There are many great hip hop and urban artists out there who were influenced by tracks like the orginal version of "White Lines" but ironically, when we took our version to American radio nobody would play anything including rap. A couple of years later, things changed somewhat....NR"