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Ask Katy

I read a book called The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln. Without getting into all their research, the final theory was that the Knight's Templar, were protectors of a treasure which turned out to be a secret and that secret was that the Holy Blood (the blood of Christ) was carried on through the children he had with Mary Magdalene. It was the reference to Crusaders that made me think of this, because discovered the secret, of course that is if I am remembering correctly. Well that's my guess. Chris

"Dingaling! somebody's ringing the bell. Ooh you're nearly there, just the last couple of ideas or should I say phrases away. Don't stop now, what's the name of the prior E? The ancient juwes knew and still do, likewise Ja Rastafari. It's written in the foothills of the mountains, not in the language of the Holy See but of the Holy Chi(s). P.S. - does that give you a clue? s"