whatcha thinking?

Dream come true when it was announced you were back together, almost an inevitability to it like a divorced couple remarrying! Anyway, I have met Simon in Manchester in '97 when he performed a charity concert in aid of Henshaws Blind Society. What a man! Completely taken aback at meeting my idol. I wanted to ask Simon what he sees and thinks when performing, Is he thinking of the words or are they second nature, does he recognise faces in the crowd? To us in the crowd it feels and looks like he cherishes the moment....any thoughts?

"It's a funny old thing, is that business. It can go wrong to varying degrees, in countless different ways; self consciousness, auto-pilot, the distraction of a frog in the throat or a pretty girl in the crowd - to name but a few.There are times though, when everything comes together; the band, the crowd, the music and me in the middle of the moment making the connection - and it does crystallise into a kind of ring.Of course anyone else in the band would probably see it differently. s"