andy's thunder

Hey Andy, Over the years I have tried to follow all the solo stuff of the band members, but for awhile I lost touch on everything until I got on the net. I have Thunder, its a fab cd..I love it! I have managed to get all of the bands work during that time of absence. I heard that you had a cd calledDangerous that was released, but I havent been able to find one anywhere. I have tried places like ebay and resale shops. Do you have any knowledge of where any copies might be that I could purchase?

Also We were wonderingwhy we never see you without the sunglasses..As I recall from the earlier 80's, your had some really nice eyes. Quite sexy! Thanks for your time. Looking forward to the new DD album~Chele~ Texas USA

It seems Andy doesn't answer eyeglasses questions, but he did get tothe first part : "a&m released an album of covers I recorded called dangerous (before wacko) about 12 years ago, grey part of my memory, but I know it does exist somewhere.. believe it or not but I don't even have a copy.Andy T."