what is he saying in "falling angel"?

Katy, I'm 31 yr old Duranie who's been a fan since the age of 11. My question is for whoever; Towards the end of "Fallen Angel", there are lyrics that sound like "I don't believe it all but....but I believe in you....." and there are some lyrics underneath that are saying something else that I can't make out even though I've heard the song 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times!. I would very much like to know what it says since "Fallen Angel" has the most beautiful lyrics I've ever heard!! All the best, Marcelo

"Yeah but it's FALLING (not fallen) ANGEL.And I really don't know what the words are without listening to it, and.........I never listen to old DD stuff when I'm working on new. wuf, s"