What's happening in June

The guys have been all about the Jubilee Celebrations, with Simon participating in a Street Fair in his town. Nick got to meet the Queen (and see old Spandau Ballet members!) at the Royal Academy Celebration of the Arts, which took place before the Jubilee Celebration. He also saw Madonna's play last night, "Up For Grabs" and was in the audeince with Gweneth Paltrow, who he saw after the show.

Simon will be part of the Motorcycle judging team the Louis Vuitton Concours D' Elegance Motorcycle judging team, along with Paul Stewart and others at the Hurlingham Club in West London on Saturday. This is a great event and Simon is very excited. His kids are on holiday this past week, so he has his hands full - but did get a chance to see the "Pricess Diaries" with them and he loved it! Simon is nearly finished with lyrics and will be back in the studio with Nile for the last of the sessions with Nick, Andy, Roger and John.