watching words

I just read on the board your response to a fan that brought to your attention comment you had made about never wanting to do a reunion tour. How do you feel about having to watch everything you say and do even after all of these years? Melinda

JT SAYS: "No, I don't really feel that, nobody says you can't change your mind. That's the important thing - I changed my mind. That, to me, just means that I'm fluid, flexible, open... as opposed to somebody that's fixed and goes through life feeling the same way about things as they did when they were teenagers. I'm very changable, I listen to different music today than when I was a teenager, I read different things, I have a different level of appreciation. So it's entirely understandable that I might change my mind about something like that. It became important to me to get those guys back in my life again, to spend time with them again. That's my primary motivation for this. I keep saying if it fell apart tomorrow, I'd be glad we've gotten this far, and I need to keep that in mind throughout. "