starcraft brood war

Hi Katy, I don't know if the guys play computer games or not, but I've noticed that in the stategy game Starcraft Brood War, Duran Duran is mentioned in it. A game character called Samir Duran, if provoked (or left clicking on him repeatedly), will get angry and say 'my name is Duran! Duran!', and if provoked further, will say 'please please tell me now!' and, 'is there something i should know?'. I was wondering if the guys know this or not, and I think its pleasantly surprising that Duran Duran was mentioned in a computer game. Kerwin

"No I was not aware of it and being the only active V gamer in the band I would say neither does anyone else. So thanks for that one. Hey is the game any good? s"