re-forming arcadia?

Hi Katy, this is for Nick and Simon, I've been a huge fan since 1983 of DD, and I'm more than exited that the guys are back together, a big hip hip hurraaaa, well, back in 1995 after the "Thank You" period and John's decision to leave, did you ever thought to reduce the whole thing into ARCADIA and go from there???? I've thought always that the one Arcadia Album is so supercool, I still listen to it today and think it's a masterpiece and timeless, although my favorit post John album is "Meddazzaland" it was amazing record. thanx Nick and Simon, much love and respect, and never stop rocking!!!! Salim

NICK TOOK THIS ONE: "I confess it has crossed my mind, late at night, while seated quietly in a dark room that perhaps Arcadia should rise once more from the ashes. However, when I turn the lights on, it spoils my aspiration and right now i am rather busy doing other things. As they say though, never say never. NR"

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