simon, the gamer

Hello Katy! this is a question for Simon the only Video Gamer in the band! Simon, I love video games too, and once I have dreamed that we were playing together in a car race game!. So I want to ask you what hardware do you use to play games? and what/s your favourite one? (or genre?) Thanks for the magic and the best wishes for you and the band with the upcoming album!!. Diego from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"I've only ever really spent time with a PS. The game which really had me up still sore thumbing at 4am. was 'Tomb Raider 2' it was my first. Since then nothing's quite had me in such awe. I started to realise that these games were eating my life away rapidly and have since given much more of my leisure time to exercise and books - healthier in the long run I feel."s