man u's "rio"

Hi Katy, I've read somewhere that Simon said he would re-record "Rio" with new lyrics if England beat Brazil in the World Cup - as the English fans sang it to cheer Rio Ferdinand. Well, we all know that didn't happen. Now that Rio Ferdinand has joined Simon's favourite football club, Manchester United, would he consider re-recording it if MU's fans starts singing in at Old Trafford during the new season?

I'm a huge DD and MU fan and I'm sure there are many others like me who would simply love the idea. Patrick

"Funny Patrick, coz I'm a huge DD and MU fan too. Nothing would to give me greater pleasure in this earthly world than to hear the ManU fans in the Stretford end singing whatever words to a Duran tune if they so choose. I'm not so sure about doing the re-record now; it's known to so many that I'm a red, the idea of me singing it seems a little bit smug and embarrassing. Anyway sometimes you find that this sort of thing actually turns out better if you just leave alone and let it happen all by itself. yours,Simon"